We want our the very best for our Teens and Youth! A part of that is fun and creative programs to enjoy and socialise together, another part is have opportunities to serve others.

  • Weekly Connect Groups allow time and space for questions, searching for answers, and real talk amongst peers and mentors. Saturdays 11.30am - 12.30pm

  • Pathfinders is an activity based program especially designed for 10 – 15 year olds. It is an international uniformed organisation that is sponsored by the local Seventh-day Adventist churches, and operated by trained volunteers. The program aids in the development of leadership and positive group skills, teamwork and fun problem solving experiences. With a focus on developing skills in outdoor and environmental issues through practical camping, hiking, nature study and other outdoor adventure activities. Exposing those involved to a wide range of skills, crafts, arts and other practical skills. Teaching the awareness of joy in serving others and the understanding of opportunities within community needs in addition encouraging a good healthy lifestyle that says no to any drugs or any other harmful substances. Saturdays 3pm - 8pm once a month, also some weekends for camping and other outdoor activities.

  • Fun nights - group based fun activities and socials - generally once a month on a Saturday night.

  • inFUSED - A monthly in home program for younger teens, ages 13-15 or years 7-9 to gather, have fun, eat food and study the Bible together. Friday nights.

  • Youth@theStudio - a casual hangout type of night at The Studio. Friday nights, once a month.

  • MVMT - Worship A monthly Friday night worship event designed for and run by young adults, the sole purpose being to lift up Jesus.

  • STORMco - STORMco (Service To Others Really Matters) is a volunteer program where we take time out to serve others - the program runs Australia wide. Here at Kellyville STORMco takes on two forms; one is within our local community ranging from a kids club to volunteering in our community. The other is a visit to regional NSW serving the community of Nyngan to run two free programs, a primary school age ‘Kids Club’ and an afternoon program for teen ‘Wildlife’. We have been visiting Nyngan for more than 10 years, generally in the April school holidays.

Teens & Youth