Kellyville.Church is a bible based, Jesus-focussed community of ordinary people. Not perfect, just striving hard to be better people with strong and healthy lives for each other and our local community.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet you or serve you in any way, and hope that you will come and visit us soon.




PEOPLE. People are our highest priority. We are committed to helping them discover and develop a personal relationship with Christ

COMMUNITY. We are determined to build a true biblical community of love, acceptance, and forgiveness

RELEVANCE. We want to ensure that everything we do has meaning and meets the needs of people in our community

EXCELLENCE. We want to honour God so we strive to do the best we can in everything we say and do, and minister in the most effective way possible

INVOLVEMENT. Being part of our church means serving in our home, church and community. We want to create an environment where the passions, talents, and gifts in people can be unleashed to serve others

SMALL GROUPS. We believe that life should be shared together in small ‘CONNECT’ groups, where we can care and support each other.

SPIRITUALITY. We believe everyone is on a journey and therefore we encourage, resource and support each other to be intentional about spiritual growth

INTEGRITY. We aim to be genuine and authentic in all our activities and relationships



  • led by a Spirit-filled, innovative and empowering team of leaders 

  • living God’s purposes so radically that it cannot be ignored by our community

  • spreading the gospel by meeting the needs of people in the community as friends, and inviting them to belong and believe. We will serve our community by reflecting Christ through a variety of compassionate ministries

  • unified in serving with one another. People are discovering and using their spiritual gifts, passions and talents in building God’s kingdom

  • celebrating what it means to be Adventist. We embrace the Adventist heritage of hope, live out biblical values and teachings, and are urgently preparing people for Jesus’ soon return